Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes (.pdf files)

As stated in the course description, this course has a variety of required pre-requisite knowledge, including linear algebra, complex arithmetic, sums/series, and calculus.

Here are some good places to refresh your knowledge of math:

You better print out all the notes for a chapter before we begin that chapter and bring them to each class.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Discrete-time and Continuous-time signals properties
  3. Energy and power signals. Linear systems and impulse response.
  4. Stable LTI systems, convolution and correlation.
  5. Fourier series representation of periodic signals.
  6. Fourier transform.
  7. Special property of Fourier transform and Fourier series.
  8. Midterm.
  9. Filtering and bandwidth definition of systems and signals.
  10. Z-Transfrom
  11. Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem.
  12. Relation between Fourier transform and Fourier series coefficient.
  13. Discrete Fourier series, discrete time Fourier transform and discrete Fourier transform for discrete-time signals.
  14. Amplitude and phase modulation.